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1.    1 Flour Tortilla 

2.   2 Pieces of Bacon 

3.   2 Eggs

4.   1/2 Tomato 

5.    Lettuce 

6.    20g of Mushrooms

7.     Some Cheese

8.    Sauce of Choice





1. Chop up your bacon into little tiny bits and fry in a bit of oil till KRISPEEEEE

2. Beat up 2 eggs and fry them in the lovely bacon fat on medium low heat, moving around rapidly to perfectly scramble them. Add a bit of salt to taste. 

3.  Chop up half a tomato into little bits. 

4. Wash and slice your lettuce. 

5. Slice up your little mushrooms and gently fry them in a dry pan to release their earthy flavors.  

6. NOW ITS TIME TO ASSEMBLE: On a large plate, start forming your burrito, starting with the eggs, then the lettuce then sprinkle bits of bacon, mushroom and tomato all over. Top it off with some cheese and sauce of your choice. 

7. Enjoy over the morning sun or make a few and prep for the weeks ahead. Just grab and go. 


BREAKFAST BURRITO: From the time you get up to the time you have to get out the door all depends on if you are a morning person or not. Sometimes you got an hour till you got to leave, sometimes all you got is 30 min or even 15. 

Lined with perfectly crispy bits of bacon, delectable earthy mushrooms, a fresh crunch from some lettuce, an explosion of tomato all wrapped around soft custard-y egg encapsulated by a soft flour tortilla with a bit of cheese. Now this is reason you wake up in the morning.  Perfect MEAL PREP!

Cooking with Ten 



Serves:1   Time: 15 min

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