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The Taste of Italy

1. Peal and quarter 1 onion. Peal and mince 4 cloves of garlic. 

2. Slice your bell pepper into inch sized cubes, slice up your zucchini and cube up your fresh tomato. 

3. In a skillet or pan on high heat add in a little bit of oil. You want the pan smoking. 

4. Add in your chicken and let it fry up you want that nice golden char on each of your little chickies. 

5. When the chicken is just about cook add in your onions and bell peppers. Give them a little fry for about a minute or 2 till the onions soften a bit. 

6. Finally Add in your zucchini and garlic and continue to fry for an additional minute. 

Optional: Add in a quarter cup of red wine to deglaze the skillet and infuse all those lovely flavours into the dish. It is optional but recommended adds a world of flavour to the dish. 

7. Add in 1 thin of pealed plum tomatoes, attempt to break it apart the best you can and turn the heat down to medium and let it simmer for 5-8 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

8. Slowly make small divetts (Holes) in your chicken mixture and crack in 4 individual eggs. 

9. Tear apart some mozzarella and sprinkle it over the chicken skillet. 

10. Place a lid over and let it steam up for 4-6 minutes till the whites of the eggs have set and the cheese has become ooey and gooey. 

Happy Cooking,



ITALIAN CHICKEN SKILLET: Ever wondered how would you infused a class dish like chicken skillet with the taste of Italy? Its pretty simple, throw in some fresh tomatoes, a little sprinkle of cheese and some fresh lovely green basil and you got yourself an Italian-ish chicken skillet. 

Its a super simple recipe featuring only the purest of ingredients, fresh bell peppers, a little zucchini and the lovely fresh tomato. All topped up with a half cooked runny egg and some cheese. Not to mention it is all made in just 1 skillet. Quick Cook, Quicker Clean up. 

Cooking with Ten 



Serves:4   Time: 30 min



1.    400g Chicken Thigh 

2.   1 Tin Plum Tomatoes 

3.   1 Onion 

4.   4 Cloves of Garlic

5.   1 Bell Pepper

6.   1/2 Medium Zucchini 

7.   1 Fresh Tomato 

8.   Fresh Basil 

9.   Mozzarella 

10. 4 Eggs 

Optional: Red Wine

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