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Classic Pesto Pasta

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The classic Pesto Pasta, green, fresh, fragrant and so so yummy. Who doesn't like a nice green pasta right? The colour itself is so attractive and with the little hints of parmesan cheese it is just an all around flavourful dish. It is also a super simple recipe than can be whipped up in under 15 minutes. 

You could easily go to the store to get a simple bottle of pesto sauce and just follow along this recipe to beef it up to make a dish exploding with flavour, buttttt I would suggest trying to make your own fresh pesto. The difference in the fresh basil flavour is LARGEEEEE. So go get yourself onto my PESTO RECIPE and make this pesto pasta! 

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Pisto Pesto Preto 


Start by peeling and mincing 1/2 a white onion.


Set your pasta of choice to boil according to package instructions but take it out 1 minute earlier than the recommended time.



4tb Pesto Sauce


1/2 White Onion


Pasta of Choice


Cup Parmesan Cheese



In a pan add in just a little bit of oil and heat it up to high heat. Add in your onions and give it a good fry till fragrant and yummy. 


Add in 4 table spoons of your pesto sauce and begin to mix it around with the onions and smell the wonderful aroma it is giving out. 


Add your pasta long with some pasta water to the sauce and give it a good mix together. If its still a bit dry add in a little bit more pasta water. 

And there you have it! fresh pesto pasta within a couple of minutes. Serve up with some fresh basil leaves and maybe some extra cheese. 


Season with salt and pepper to taste and a healthy serving of parmesan cheese. 

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