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1.    1 Cup Lentil

2.   4 Cups Water

3.   0.5te Mustard Seeds

4.   0.5te Cumin Powder

5.   0.5te Sambar Powder

6.   0.5te Tumeric Powder

7.   1 Medium Carrot  

8.    1 Large Potato 



How To Make a simple curry

1. In a pot pour in 1 cup of yellow lentils and give it a quick wash, making sure to remove any sediments and dirt. 

2. Once the lentils are cleaned pour 4 cups of water into the pot and bring the mixture to a low simmer. 

3. Slice up a carrot and a potato and dump them into the pot

4. Add in the listed spieces above, however these are optional but do make the dish a billion times better. 

5. Simmer the mixture till a lovely thick consistency forms which would take about 15-20 minutes. Add salt to taste. 

6. Serve and enjoy with rice, bread, roti or whatever you fancy. A lovely curry gravy to be put upon anything you wish. 

DHALL: Lentil Soup, lovely mash of lentils stewed together with a lovely blend of Indian spices. Perfectly seasoned and packed filled with protein and fiber. Not to mention it is vegan as well. 

Perfectly paired with some roti, rice, or even a slice of bread. This is a super simple curry that can be made in a flash and kept for any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. 

Cooking with Ten 

Serves:2   Time: 30 min

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