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Sweet, light, fluffy potato dumplings also known as Gnocchi. Aside from the all famous pastas and risottos these little pillows of joy are at the heart of a lot of many Italian dishes. These cute little nuggets are the perfect vessel for scooping up and giving you the best Italian meal. 

Gnocchi is a family of dumplings in Italian cuisine, usually composed of a range of ingredients, most commonly potato. Here we are making a very simple potato based gnocchi, giving you the best and most fluffy dumplings with ease. So you can say goodbye to the store bought dried gnocchi and say hello to the best and easiest fresh gnocchi you will ever get to know.

There are a range of shapes for this dumpling, a classic pillow like shape, a little dimple in the center or the more complex ridge like structure as seen in the pictures above. The best part is, that there is no wrong way to make these. So get into the kitchen and let your creative juices fly and enjoy.

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Cute Fluffly Little Tangs


Gently prick your potato with a fork or a knife just to make sure it does not explode.


Place it on a baking tray and into a preheated oven at 180°C for an hour or untill it can be easily stabbed.



500g Potatoes


1 Egg Yolk


1/4 Cup All Purpose Flour


Carefully remove the skin and allow the steam to escape and cool down ever so slightly.


Once your potatos are cool enough to handle, put them through a potato ricer or just mash them up till smooth and no lumps remain.



Gently add in 1 egg yolk and 1/4 cup of all purpose flour, then with a spoon gently mix till no streaks of yolks remain.



Give your dough a little tender loving care by kneading it for about 1-2 minutes till smooth and homogenous.


Flour down your work surface, divinde your dough into 4 pieces and start to roll them out into long tube. The thickness is all up to you, i went for about a 1 cm diameter.


Dust your gnocchi roll with more flour and with a clean knife start to divide it up into your preferred size. 


Shape your gnocchi, either by leaving it as it is giving you a nice pillow shape. Gently press down in the center to give it a cute dimple, or roll it against a fork to give you the ridge like gnocchi.


Gently give it a good dusting of flour to make sure it will never stick to each other. Chill them in the fridge, portion them out and freeze them, or cook them straight away.

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