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1.    1 Whole Mackerel

2.   2tb of Sake

3.   Salt

4.   Lemon

5.    Daikon Radish



How to convert a fish-hater

1. Get your fish monger to help you clean and fillet your mackerel for easy cooking as cleaning and filleting isn't easy if you are new to it. 

2. With some kitchen rolls pat your mackerel dry likes SUPA dry, any moisture will prevent the skin from getting Krispeeee. 

3. Pour 2tb of sake over the mackerel more if you really want to kill off that fishy smell. 

4. Liberally salt the fish all over, making sure to cover every single part of it. 

5. Leave it exposed in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to really dry out the skin. WARNING this will stink up your fridge. 

6. Into a preheated grill at 180°C for 15-20 minutes till the skin is SUPER DUPER KRISPEE and the fish is cooked through. 

7. While the fish is grilling away peal about an inch of your daikon radish and start to grate it on your finest grater. (you can find daikon radish in most Asian stores) 

8. Remove your fish from the grill and serve up with your daikon radish and a wedge of lemon. 

This grilled fish pairs perfectly well with a bowl of freshly steamed Japanese rice and a side of miso soup. great for any meal, even for breakfast!

Happy Cooking

GRILLED MACKEREL: Or also known as Saba Shioyaki. This is an iconic dish in Japan. Perfectly grilled pieces of mackerel, with their skin so crispy and with their flesh so tender and juicy it is a dish you got to try. 

If you are worried about the stinky fish smell this is where the sake comes into play. It greatly kills off the fishy smell making this fish into something even a fish-hater will love. Served with a wedge of lemon, a fresh sweet grating of daikon radish and some rice.

Cooking with Ten 

grilled mackerel

(saba shioyaki)

Serves:2   Time: 20 min

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