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Cooking with Ten 

lotus root&

pork rib soup

Serves:4   Time: 3 Hours

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1.    500g Pork Ribs

2.   300g Lotus Roots

3.   Goji Berries 

4.   Red Dates

5.    50g Peanuts



Pork ribs and Lotus Roots?


1. Get your friendly butcher to chop your pork ribs into individual ribs. 

2. Coat your ribs with some salt and white pepper. 

3. Heat up a pot of oil and gently fry your ribs. You do not want to cook it but you just want to give it a bit of colour should take about 2-3 minutes per rib. Frying your ribs gives it that hint of smoky flavor in the soup. 

4. Slice up your lotus roots into 1/2 cm thick slices 

5. In a large pot, this is where the harmony begins. Place in your fried pork ribs, your sliced lotus roots, a hand full of goji berries and 3 red dates as well as some peanuts. 

6. Fill the pot up with cold water and bring to a boil. Once on a boil, reduce down to a simmer and let it go bubbling away for as long as you want but a minimum of 2 and a half hours. Just like any good dish the longer and slower the cook it the better and more tasty the dish becomes. 

7. After some time you should be greeted with fall apart ribs, with a soup that you just can't resist. It will fill your entire kitchen with aromas you would not believe. 

Extra: Enjoyed with some rice, by itself or throw in some noodles and enjoy a lovely bowl of fresh soup noodles. 

LOTUS ROOT & PORK RIB SOUP: A simple soup that brings together 2 very opposite ingredients: Soft delicate rough pork ribs with hard crunchy smooth lotus roots. All you need is 1 pot and some patience to create a master piece of a soup. 

If you had not tried this before then it is time. It is a blend of sweet and savory, soft delicate tender pieces of pork ribs, with a nice crunch from firm pieces of lotus roots. Super easy with minimal effort needed, it is a soup you will love. 

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