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1.    1 Cup of Flour (All Purpose)

2.   1 Egg

3.   2ts Baking Powder

4.   1tbs Sugar

5.    1ts Salt

6.    1 Cup Whole Milk

7.    1tb Cocoa Powder



How make things mini?


1. In a bowl mash mix together 1 cup of flour, 2ts of baking powder, 1tbs of sugar, 1ts of salt and 1tb of cocoa powder till well combined. 

2. Make a well down the center and crack in an egg and pour in 1 cup of whole milk. 

3. Whisk together till just combined and homogeneous. DO NOT OVER MIX. If not you will have a very tough pancake. 

4. Add the mixture into a piping bag or a zip lock bag with a very small hole cup out at 1 corner. 

5. Heat up a pan or a griddle to medium heat, add in a bit of oil and gently squeeze little bits of your pancake mix onto your pan, creating tiny little pancakes. 

6. Let the pancakes be for at least a minute or till you see micro tiny bubbles start to form. Then flip them and let them cook for another minute. 

7. Repeat with your remaining batter. 

8. Serve up in a bowl packed with fruit, with a square of butter and a healthy or not so healthy serving of maple syrup. 

Happy Cooking, 

MINI CHOCOLATE PANCAKES: Whats better than easy fluffy pancakes? Mini pancakes! When things are small they just get better. These little bundles of joy will bring you nothing but a smile on your face each and every morning. 

Sweet, soft and crunchy it is the perfect cereal that you have been missing your entire life. Perfect with a bowl of fruit, some butter and a not so healthy serving of maple syrup. 

Cooking with Ten 



Serves:10   Time: 20min

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