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1.    1 Cup Flour (All Purpose)

2.   2 Eggs

3.   2 Cups of Milk

4.   1ts Vanilla Essence 

5.    2tb Sugar

6.    Nutella



Nutella = Heaven?

1. In a bowl add in 1 cup of flour and make a small hole in the center. 

2. Crack in 2 eggs, with a pinch of salt and 2tb of sugar. Mix this well. 

3. Slowly drizzle in 2 cups of milk whilst mixing till a smooth mixture forms. It will be a super thin and watery mixture. 

4. Add in 1ts of vanilla essence and continue to mix. 

5. With a sieve, strain out any lumps. You want a nice smooth mixture. 

6. In an 8-inch non stick pan (the one I used is super non-stick making it super easy) heat it up on medium low heat. 

7. Add in about 2tb of batter into the pan and swirl it around till it evenly covers the base of the pan. 

8. Let it cook for about 30 seconds to a minute and with a knife or spatula gently flip it and let it continue to cook for another 30 seconds. 

9. Set a side to cool and repeat with your remaining batter. Should get you about 25 crepes. 

10. Bust out your Nutella and generously spread some over the UGLY side of the crepe and tightly roll them up. Repeat for all your crepes. 

11. Plate up with some fresh fruits and some powdered sugar and you got yourself a nice light dessert. 

Extra: Combine 1tb of Nutella with 1ts of milk and hit it in the microwave for 15 seconds to make a quick chocolate sauce to drizzle over. 

Leave a comment down below if you tried it or have any questions

Happy Cooking 

NUTELLA CREPE: If you do not know what Nutella is let me bring you into heaven. Nutella is probably one of the best most tasty chocolate spread I have ever tasted. This recipe features this luxurious chocolate spread wrapped in a tight lightly sweeten soft yet crispy crepe. 

A perfect light dessert to end any meal or if you are up for it a great way to start the day. Topped with some fresh fruits (Strawberry recommended) or a scoop of ice cream and you got yourself a dish you, your family, your friends, everyone will love. 

Cooking with Ten 



Serves:25   Time: 30 min

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