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1.    1.5 Cups of Flour all purpose

2.   1ts of Baking Soda

3.   1ts of Salt

4.   1 Cup of Unsalted Butter

5.    1/2 Cup White Sugar

6.    1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

7.    2 Eggs

8.    2ts of Vanilla Extract

9.    2 Cups of Rolled Oats

10.   150g Dark Chocolate



Dark, Milk or White?


1. In a bowl cream together 1 cup of unsalted butter at room temperature with 1/2 a cup of white sugar and 1/2 a cup of brown sugar till smooth. 

2. Add in 2ts of Vanilla extract (I use Heilala, powerful stuff) and 2 eggs and continue to mix till well combined. 

3. In another bowl combine 1.5 cups of all purpose flour, 1ts of baking soda and 1ts of salt and mix well. 

4. Add your dry ingredients into your wet ones and start to mix together till combined. Be careful not to over mix if not you will have a very TOUGH cookie and no one likes that. 

5. Once more or less combined add in 2 cups of rolled oats and 150g of chopped dark chocolate and mix will combined. 

6. Cover with cling wrap and leave to chill in the fridge for at least 45 min. This process keeps the butter hard so that you wont end up with flat sandy cookies. 

7. Preheat your oven to 180 Celsius 

8. Line your baking tray with some baking paper. 

9.  Using a tablespoon scoop up 1 tablespoons worth of cookie dough and using your hands roll it into a ball and place them 3 inches a part on the baking tray. 

10. Press down gently on each cookie ball to leave a small dimple this helps it cook more evenly. 

11. Into the oven for 11-14 minutes. Once you remove from the oven it will still be a bit soft, but its OKIEEE just let them cool and they will soon take a firmer shape whilst still maintaining OOEEY and Gooey in the center. 

Leave a comment down below if you tried it or have any questions

Happy Cooking 

OAT CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES: Ooey Gooey chocolaty goodness. This little tiny bakes of the day will really make your day. Not only is it super duper yummy, but it also brings great fun and happiness to your home. Quick and easy ooey gooey cookies are here to turn a frown upside down. 

These cookies are one of my favorites, they got everything you ever wanted. You got that familiar cookie crunch, the gooey chocolaty center, the texture of oats that puts a fight against your teeth. The rich buttery smell in the air. These are one of my ultimate cookies and one that should be experienced by all. 

Cooking with Ten 

oat chocolate

chunk cookies

Serves:25   Time: 1 hour 30 min

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