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A Crusty Problem (How to fix stale bread)

Now no body in this world likes stale bread. I mean who in their right mind will like stale bread? It hard, its crunchy, its dry, its basically a rock. I'm pretty sure you can kill somebody with it as well. I bet you if you drop a piece of week old stale bread from the top floor of your apartment and it hits a poor soul walking by, that poor soul will leave its fleshy body and fly up into the sky.

If not i'm pretty sure if it falls and its the ground it will crack the very pavement it landed on. Hard STALE bread is no joke. You can't even cut it, let alone eat it. You are just asking your teeth to fall apart into pieces.


Bread goes stale mainly because of a chemical reaction like almost everything in this world, in which the food slowly starts to rot. Bread being bread is high in starch and it quickly forms these tiny little crystals in the cold this process is called retrogradation. These little crystals are the main culprits to hard stale bread it causes the bread to dry out faster and it leaves the bread hard as rocks. This is also accompanied by the slow growth of bacteria which will soon result in mold. which is BADDDDDDD.

You can save STALE bread but you CAN'T Save MOLDY bread.


It is actually a very simple method to revive old stale bread. It may seem weird at first and you will never think of doing it. But i have tested it several times and used it countless of times to save me old loafs of bread that I never got the chance to enjoy.

It involved the use of water and an oven.

Ready for the big tip???? RUN the bread under some water. Like you want to properly soak the bread, like not dripping wet but you just want the surface of the loaf to be covered in water. Optionally you could just spray some water onto the loaf. As long as there is some water droplets on the bread you are good to go.

Into a preheated oven for 5-10 minutes. Now just keep an eye on it as you do not want the bread to burn but within that 5-10 minutes magic will unfold. You will see NOTHING. But after about 5 minutes when you take out that loaf you will feel the bread and you will definitely smell it.

You would have just restored the bread back to life. You now have a fresh loaf just like the ones they make at the bakery, soft, fluffy and with a good crust that won't break your teeth.

By covering the loaf with some water and placing it into the oven it allows the water on the bread to evaporate causing the said crystals to melt down back into starch giving you that brand new bread feel.

So go give it a go if you don't believe me. It works wonders especially when your hungry and your own loaf of bread is just sitting there stale and hard as rocks. No more breaking teeth for you.

Happy Cooking

Till Next Time,

Ten Ten

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