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Have you ever went to the store saw some nice frozen BAO BUNS and thought to yourself "ooooh I love these things, i'm gonna get some go home and steam them for supper". So you buy them and head back home.

Only to realise you don't own a steamer. So now you wonder how on earth are you gonna steam your buns? No way your gonna eat frozen hard buns. You have tried baking them but its just WRONG. You want nice soft pillowy buns instead you get rock hard dark brown pieces of dough.

Or maybe you bought a lovely whole sea bass and you wanted some fresh steamed fish with just a drizzle of soy sauce over with maybe some scallions, ooooh doesn't that sound lovely. But No! your lack of equipment prevents you from enjoying freshly steamed soft food. So what do you do now?

Let me tell you a secret.... I don't own a steamer. Yet I make my own dim sum, my own bao buns, my own steamed fish. Now you are ever so lucky, I'm going to tell you my SECRET.

All you will ever need for this wonderful trick is a pair of chop sticks and a large pan with a lid.


This super easy trick is gonna save you from a world of steam-less foods. Place a pair of wooden chop sticks, you know those free cheap wooden ones they give you when you buy Chinese take out, or Japanese food.

Place them in a pan, this will keep your bowl or plate from being in direct contact with the stove causing the plate/bowl to explode. Place your bowl/plate on top of the chop sticks and fill the pan with water to just reach the base of the bowl/plate.

Ta-DAHHHHH you got yourself a makeshift, bootleg steamer. It is good for anything, steaming fish, buns, dumplings, vegetables, all you could ever dream off. Now that I have just saved you a bit of money from getting a steamer, I'll be off.

Happy Cooking

Till Next Time,

Ten Ten

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