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It is a beloved street snack that has stood the test of time, this sweet delicacy pairs the wholesome goodness of a pancake with the richness of traditional fillings such as crushed peanuts, creamed corn and some good old butter.

The batter usually features a delicate blend of rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, yeast and a load of other ingredients. But i've come up with a fuss free, easy to make and with ingredients you probably already have in your home. With just 30 minutes you will be able to whip up a dessert that will have your friends, family and even your neighbours begging for more.

Pssst and just like any pancake you can fill this up with your favourite fillings, slide in some banana, chocolate, umm ice cream may not work too well but it is worth a try!


  1. 1 Cup All Purpose Flour

  2. 1 Cup Self Rising Flour

  3. 1tb Baking Powder

  4. 1ts Vanilla Essence

  5. 1/8 Cup Sugar

  6. 1 Egg

  7. 2 Cups Milk

  8. 1/4 Cup Crushed Peanuts

  9. 1/8 Cup Creamed Corn

  10. Butter for cooking


  1. First things first, if you do not have crushed peanuts. Grab some whole peanuts and crush them yourself either using a blender to roughly blend it up or using a mortar and pestle.

  2. In a large bowl add in 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1 cup of self rising flour, 1tb of baking powder, 1/8 cup of sugar and a pinch of salt. Give it a gentle mix so all the dry ingredients are evenly spread out.

  3. Create a well in the center, crack in 1 egg and pour in 1ts of vanilla essence, followed by 2 cups of milk. Gently mix till homogenous and even, becareful to not over mix.

  4. Heat up a non stick pan over medium heat.

  5. Once hot gently pour in some of your batter so that it covers your whole pan, you may need to swirl it around here and there to get to the edges.

  6. Chop up little bits of butter and slide them down around the edges of the pan, cover with a lid and let it cook for 3-5 minutes till you start to see bubbles form on the surface.

  7. Generously sprinkle your crushed peanuts over half the pancake, followed by little chunks of creamed corn and lastly a good sprinkling of sugar.

  8. Gently scrape the sides of your pancake to reveal the golden crust it has developed, if it has not let it cook for another minute for 2.

  9. Gently fold your pancake in half and TA-DAAAA you got yourself your APAM BALIK

  10. Cut into 2 or 4 wedges and enjoy whilst hot.

Happy Cooking

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