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Time, we are all short on time. But this does not mean you should skip a meal, without the proper nutrition your body will slow down and you will end up losing more time than you should. This is why we need quick and easy 10 minute meals and these chili garlic noodles are sure to hit the spot. With a quick chop of the knife, you can get this meal ready to go within 10 minutes of less. This garlic infused, flavourful, aromatic and spicy noodles are sure to hit the spot no matter how little time you have. Hot, spicy and firey you have the ability to adjust the spice of this dish, paired with some freshly chopped cool cucumbers to cool the heat this is a meal you will not regret. Top it off with a fried egg or your protein of choice and you got a nice complete meal. Oh a quick warning, i really love garlic so went pretty heavy with it. It actually left my mouth tasting like garlic for a full whole day even after brushing. So if you love garlic stick with the 5 cloves, but if you are not a fan cut it down to 3 or less. But you know.... more garlic, tastier food.


  1. Noodles of Choice

  2. 1tb Chili Flakes

  3. 5 Cloves of Garlic

  4. 3tb Sesame Seed Oil

  5. 2tb Oyster Sauce

  6. 2tb Light Soy Sauce

  7. 1tb Sugar

  8. 2 Stalks of Spring Onion

  9. 1/2 Cucumber


  1. Time is short, so set a pot of water to boil and cook your noodles according to the package instructions.

  2. Peel and finely mince 5 or more or less cloves of garlic depending on how much you loveeee garlic.

  3. Finely chop up 2 stalks of spring onion, seperating the white and green parts.

  4. In a heat proof bowl add in your minced garlic, the whites of the spring onion, 1tb or more of chili flakes.

  5. In a pot very carefully heat up 3tb of sesame seed oil on high heat till you start to see little wisp of smoke or till its reallllyyy hot.

  6. Carefully pour the blazing hot sesame seed oil over the garlic and chili mixture, and let the oil infuse with flavour becareful it will splat a bit.

  7. To that add in 2tb of oyster sauce, 2tb of light soy sauce and 1tb of sugar. Mix well.

  8. Drain and give your noodles a quick rinse under some water and dump it into your sauce mixture and give it a good toss together to combine.

  9. Serve up with some freshly chopped cucumber, the greens of your spring onion and your protein of choice and you are done.

Extra: psst if you wanna impress someone add a fried egg and some sesame seeds, you are for sure to get the extra style points.

Happy Cooking

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