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Eggy Timing?


Besides the issue about the economic crisis, the strikes, the political issues, everyone has this 1 problem that they just can't escape from. I bet you every single one of you had this problem before...


I do not know if its only me but I love a runny egg. A hard bouncy white shell, when you cut into it leaving nothing but pure gold running out. Now I do not want diamonds or gold, I want the PERFECT RUNNY EGG. To be honest getting the perfect runny egg is a whole lot harder than mining for diamonds.

So TODAY marks the day I set out to find the perfect timing for all of you egg lovers out there. I set on a WHOLE DAY exploration into the world of the egg. Nah jokes it took me like an hour but it did take a WHOLE lot of eggs. I had eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner just doing this experiment for you guys.


step 1:

Should be pretty obvious.... Bring a pot of water to a boil, like really boiling hot. Huge bubbles splashing everywhere just don't burn your pretty little hands. Now reduce the pot to a low simmer little cute tiny bubbles and gently place your little unborn fetus chicken into the pot and start the clock.

Now refer to the EGGOPEDIA for the perfect egg for you.


Now just in case its not clear let me give you a break down:

3 minutes: The egg is just cooked on the verge of being RAW, the whites have been just cooked to the edge of being raw, so no salmonella for you. While the gentle pure nectar gold is still runny as ever. This is perfect for dunking some bread for breakfast. Don't worry it is perfectly safe to eat, I've been eating this for years and I'm still alive..... I hope.

6 minutes: The egg whites have formed a slightly firm shell encapsulating the beauty that is inside. Be careful it is still super soft, one wrong poke and you would have just caused and egg-xecution. This is basically like the 3 min one but with all kept in a soft white capsule.

7 minutes: You would be surprised how long 1 minute is to an egg. Within an extra minute of simmering in water the whites would have fully set, leaving a firm bouncy body and when you cut into it you will reveal the nectar of the gods. This is MY SWEET SPOT, perfect for any noodles or rice dish. If you like runny boiled eggs, 7 Minutes is the KEY to happiness.

9 minutes: Now if you don't like runny egg yolks, but you still want that little bit of yellow sauce leaking from your egg. 9 Minutes is for you, your egg yolk will be slightly firm but with its very center just oozing out every so slightly.

12 minutes: This is the FINAL Stage of the egg, this is when it reaches it final form. When the whites have been fully cooked, the yolk has been transformed into a hard yet soft ball. Wrinkles will spread throughout your egg yolk, this is perfect for egg salads and making egg sandwiches.

NOTEEEEE this is all based on the eggs I have tested which were like fairy medium sized eggs. There are a ton of different factors that will affect the cook of your egg. Timing is key regardless of the size, keep the Eggopedia as a reference and enjoy the beauty of eggs. I know I have and I am soooooo DONE with eggs... at least for now.

Happy Cooking

Till Next Time,

Ten Ten

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