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How to MINCE an Onion FAST

I think we all know how hard it can be to cut those tear gas bombs that we all hold so close to our hearts. Those layers, those little pungent little things, so sweet yet so painful. They bring tears to our eyes, they bring sweetness to our meals, I honestly have a love hate relationship with these little suckers.

There are so many different types of onions out there. There are those who will really sting you in the eye, releasing their potent gas and leave you with nothing but a face filled with tears. Then there are those little gentle ones who are nothing but sweet and delicate, perfect for cutting and cooking with. But again sometimes we want that kick, that rich pungent kick

from a fiery RED HOT ONION.

So today I am going to teach you how to mince and onion fast, so that you do not have to be left in the kitchen crying over a board of half diced onions just crying.


You would want to slice your onion in half so you have a nice flat surface to work on. Who wants an uneven surface to work on YUCK and not to mention it greatly reduces your chances of cutting and slicing your finger open, leaving you to bleed all over you YUMMY, DELICIOUS food.

Then you would want to remove that NASTY skin that holds the gem of your onion together. DECAPITATE your onion removing its head but leaving its bum bum intact, this will help hold the onion together as you are mincing up your onion.


Now comes the fun and probably most painful yet satisfying part of the whole process. Place cuts vertically down the onion all the way as close as possible to the butt of the ONION.

Now you would want to then place horizontal cuts and BOOM you have now minced an onion in probably half the time you used to do it in and based on how skilled you are they are probably more EVEN than how you would usually mince them.

It is important to have nice even pieces of whatever you are cooking. Having even pieces of ingredients helps them all cook at the same time, allowing a more harmonious dish to be created.




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