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INFINITY : a simple guide to home gardening.

Infinity is the name associated with something that goes on and on and on and on and on and on and onnnnnnnn till the end of time. It is something that we cannot possibly comprehend, it is something that we have never seen, heard, calculated or even dreamt of finding its true value.

Infinity can also be used to represent an endless cycle just like its symbol ∞ it is a loop that seems to be going on forever and ever. So where can you find infinity in your very own kitchen where you are right now?

You could probably count the little grains of salt you have in your kitchen, you will definitely get frustrated and just assume it is infinite but I got a better idea.

How would you like to have an ENDLESS amount of scallion or herbs?

If you cook at home I am sure you got a whole rack just filled with dry spices and herbs. If you are like me and love parsley just pouring that lovely fragrant green herb all over your food you are bound to be buying these simple herbs on a regular basis.

So why not grow your own? I have been growing little batches of spring onions all over my window seal ever since I could remember. These spring onions are an essential in most Asian dishes so growing your own will save you a TONNNNN of money and time too.

So first off you got to invest in 1 bunch of spring onions make sure they still got their little tiny roots attached to the bottom. I get mine from my local super market like Tesco and they grow like no bodies business. If you can get some from a fresh market with the roots growing like mad you are in a better position to kick start your garden.


Now i'm just assuming you do have a little window in your house, apartment or flat. I'm pretty sure you are not living inside a cave or under a rock. If you have access to sun light you are good to go.

So once you got your little fresh spring onions you would want to separate the green from the white parts. The green parts are so flavorful, rich with oniony tastes and smells amazing not to mention perfect for garnishing. You can keep the green parts back inside your fridge and use when you need to.

With the white parts you would want to soak it in a cup or jar filled with water. Leave it in a place with a bit of sun. Within days or even hours they will start to grow. These little suckers grows like mad. Make sure to change the water every day if not they will start to rot and no one wants a rot.

Once the roots have grown out it will look pretty crazy which will take about a week depending how fresh your spring onion is.

This is when you would want to star to prepare a pot of soil and begin to transplant this little plant baby from a water bed into a bed filled with fresh soil.

If you manage to get some worms running around inside it will help your plant grow even stronger and greener than ever.

Water it every once in a while, making sure not to over water. You do not want to drown this poor guy.

When you need it cut it right at the base leaving about maybe 2cm or 3cm above the soil for it to grow once again.

ANDDDD there you go. You got yourself and unlimited supply of spring onion. You could just repeat it with spring onions alone and build up your little army of spring onions and one day rule the world.

Or you could repeat the process with other types of herbs, I got mint, parsley, coriander, rosemary and god knows what else growing on my window seal. For Leafy herbs like mint, parsley and coriander leave the leaves on, without the leaves they can't photosynthesize and they will die.

Untill Next Time,

Happy Cooking

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