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Jap Chae or Chap Chae is probably one of the most popular dishes in Korea, commonly eaten during Korean festive holidays like New Years and Harvest Day. It commonly features a mixture of vegetables and paired with beef or pork bound together with long stringy sweet potato glass noodles, often packed filled with flavour and the smell of sesame seeds.

Jap Chae is super easy to make, it can be eaten hot or cold making it perfect for packed lunches or meal preps. Not to mention it is packed with veggies and hearty pieces of protein, making it for a quick, healthy and super delicious meal. Paired with some Kimchi and you are bound to have a happy belly.


  1. Sweet Potato Glass Noodles

  2. 400g of Sirloin Steak

  3. 4 Shiitake Mushrooms

  4. 1/2 Medium White Onion

  5. 1 Carrot

  6. 2 Cups of Spinach

  7. 4tb of Light Soy Sauce

  8. 1ts of Sugar

  9. Sesame Seed Oil

  10. 1/2tb Distilled Vinegar


  1. Begin by peeling and mincing 1/2 a medium white onion.

  2. Peel and chop your carrots into long strips.

  3. Slice 4 shiitake mushrooms into thin slices. (Feel free to add more if you are a mushroom lover)

  4. Lastly slice your protein be it beef or pork into thin slices. I went with a lovely sirloin steak (cuz Steak goooood)

  5. In a pot of boiling water blanch 2 cups of spinach and set it aisde. In the same pot add in your glass noodles to cook as per package instructions. This should take about 8-12 minutes.

  6. While the noodles are boiling in a bowl combine 2tb of light soy sauce, 1/2tb of sesame seed oil, 1te of sugar and 1/2tb of distilled vinegar. Mix well with your beef and let it marinate for 5 minutes.

  7. In a large wok on medium heat add in a bit of oil and gently fry your mushrooms and carrots till they are cooked. You want to get it cooked without it loosing too much of its colour. Should take you no longer than 3 minutes.

  8. Set your carrots and mushrooms aside. In the same wok add in 1tb of sesame seed oil and fry off your onions till fragrant.

  9. Once fragrant add in your protein and fry till it is cooked through.

  10. By now your noodles should be cooked through. Take one out and give it a bite, it should be a soft chewy like texture. If it is to your liking drain and add them into your wok with your protein.

  11. Add back in your mushrooms, carrots and spinach and give it a good mix together. Season with 2tb of light soy sauce, salt, pepper and additional sesame seed oil.

  12. Serve up a huge bowl topped with some fresh seaweed and a side of kimchi and DIG IN!

Happy Cooking

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