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Fresh rolls of rice encapsulated in a roll of seaweed filled with a mix of sour pickled vegetables, sweet pieces of beef, a soft custard egg roll. Perfect for lunch, snacks or even as a quick morning meal. Pre-make it and take it with you as you go. A fresh taste of Korea right in your own home. Kimbap is one of the most famous dishes in Korea, known for its high nutritional value and its nice natural packaging allowing a full meal to be eaten within minutes.


  1. 4 Sheets of Nori Seaweed

  2. 2 Cups of Sushi Rice

  3. 2tb of Sesame Seed Oil

  4. 1/4 Cup of Vinegar

  5. 1 Cucumber

  6. 1 Carrot

  7. 4 Eggs

  8. 250g of Minced Beef

  9. 1tb of Dark Soy Sauce

  10. 1tb of Sugar


The All Important Rice

  1. Wash 2 cups of sushi rice till the water runs clear.

  2. Add 2.5 cups of water and a pinch of salt into the rice mixture.

  3. Cook the rice in your preferred method.

  4. Once cooked add in 1/8 Cup of vinegar and 2tb of sesame seed oil and mix well. Let cool.

The Luxurious Tasty Filling

  1. Peel 1 carrot and slice into long thin strips.

  2. Slice 1 cucumber into long thin strips.

  3. Cover your carrot and cucumber with some salt and 1/8 a cup of vinegar and mix well.

  4. Beat up 4 eggs with 4tb of water cup of water and a pinch of salt till smooth and HOMOGENEOUS.

  5. Heat up a non stick pan (8-inches) to medium low. Depending on how non-stick it is add a little bit of oil. The pan I use does not even need oil.

  6. Once hot scoop in about 3-4tbs of egg into the pan and swirl it around till it covers the entire base.

  7. Slowly roll up the egg to one corner of the pan.

  8. Add in another 3tbs of egg and repeat. You should be able to get 4 egg rolls out of this.

  9. Marinate your minced beef with 1tb of dark soy sauce and 1tb of sugar and lightly pan fry it till dark and yummy.


  1. With a bamboo mat or even just some cling film lay out a sheet of nori. (Seaweed).

  2. Scoop some rice onto the nori and with your hands gently wet them to prevent sticking, spread the rice evenly throughout the whole nori sheet.

  3. Place the egg roll, cucumber, carrot and meat of your choice on one edge of the nori sheet.

  4. With the bamboo mat or the cling film begin to roll your kimbap as tightly as possible.

  5. Repeat with your remaining ingredients.

  6. Slice with a sharp knife cleaning the knife between each cuts to get a nice clean cut. Should yield about 8 pieces per roll.

EXTRA: Take out the meat if you prefer a veggie option, or replace it with some crab sticks, chicken, tuna, the choice is yours.

Happy Cooking

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