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We always see huge chunks of beef, lamb, pork and chicken just boiling away into a saucy yummy stew. But sadly this is widely popular in the western world, with pulled pork sandwiches, pulled chicken tacos, pulled beef in stews and pulled what not.

Why not we try spicing this up? Lets try to make a pulled chicken but with an Asian flare. So here we have a pulled chicken rice bowl. A sweet, savoury, and umami filled pulled chicken over some freshly steamed rice with some carrots and veggies of your choice.

This makes for the perfect lunch box meal, it can even be enjoyed cold much like a poke bowl. A quick easy meal that can be made in a snap and severed up at a moment's notice.


  1. 1 Whole Medium Chicken

  2. 3 Carrots

  3. 1 White Onion

  4. 3 Cloves of Garlic

  5. 1/8 Cup of Light Soy Sauce

  6. 1/8 Cup of Dakr Soy Sauce

  7. Closed Cup Mushrooms

  8. 1tb Sugar

  9. 2ts Five Spice Powder

  10. 2 Star Anise


  1. Begin peeling and chunking your carrots into nice 1 inch pieces. Followed by thinly slicing your yellow onion.

  2. Peel and give your garlic a light crushing.

  3. In a pot on HIGH heat add in enough oil to coat the base of your pot.

  4. Gently add in your onions and star anise and give it a quick fry till fragrant.

  5. Add in your five spice powder and garlic and give it a quick fry to awaken its POWERRRR.

  6. Add in 1/8 cup of light soy sauce and 1/8 cup of dark soy sauce and 1tb of sugar along with 2 cups of water. Give it a good mix.

  7. Gently lower in your chicken and your carrots and top up with enough water to just cover your chicken. Cover with a lid and set it on low to simmer for 30 minutes or till your chicken is fully cooked through.

  8. Once your chicken is fully cooked through remove your chicken and shock it in some ice cold water.

  9. Whilst your chicken is cooling down, wash and slice up your mushrooms and add it into the pot to cook. Season your yummy sauce with more salt and sugar to taste.

  10. Carefully shred/pull your chicken into yummy little shreds and throw it back into the pot to soak up your lovely umami, sweet and savoury sauce.

  11. You should have a thick stew like consistency if not combine 1 part corn flour with 2 part water and add it into your sauce to quickly thicken it up.

  12. Give it a final taste for seasoning and serve it on top of some freshly steamed rice, in a bun or even a taco.

Happy Cooking,

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