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When you get bored of the normal fried chicken (which is super hard to) you got to try this out. It may not have the crispy exterior that everyone knows and loves, but I guarantee you that this chicken will have a BILLION times more flavour than anything else you could ever find. Not to mention it also looks a lot sexier than any BBQ or FRIED wings.

Drenched in a dark savory, sweet, umami soy sauce base this wings has been changed from a humble chicken into a feast ready for the gods. The simple marinate not only tenderises the meat, flavours the meat but it also gives the best, glossy, sticky glaze with almost ZERO effort needed. Quick, simple and easy.


  1. 6 Chicken Wings

  2. 1tb of Light Soy Sauce

  3. 1tb of Dark Soy Sauce

  4. 1ts of Sugar

  5. 1ts of Sesame Seed Oil

  6. 4 Cloves of Garlic

  7. 1/2 Thumb Size Piece of Ginger

  8. 1tb of Oyster Sauce


  1. Start by peeling 4 cloves of garlic and 1/2 a thumb sized piece of ginger.

  2. In a large mixing bowl add in 1tb of light soy sauce, 1tb of dark soy sauce, 1ts of sugar, 1ts of sesame seed oil, 1tb of oyster sauce and grate in your 4 cloves of garlic and peeled ginger.

  3. Give your marinate a good mix and add in your chicken wings.

  4. Evenly coat each chicken wing with your lovely dark marinade and let it sit covered with some cling wrap for a minimum of 10 minutes and up to over night for the best results.

  5. Once perfectly marinated lay them out on a baking paper lined tray and into a preheated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

  6. After 15 minutes of cooking, brush the wings with your remaining marinade to give it the dark glossy glaze. Repeat at the 25 minutes mark once again.

  7. You should not have a beautifully coloured chicken wing with a pool of chicken juices and sauce at the bottom of your tray, this can be poured into a bowl and served as a dipping sauce.

  8. Serve up and enjoy your wonderfully fragrant and umami chicken wings.

Definitely better than KFC, enjoyed by itself, with some rice, noodles or whatever you wish. Happy Cooking,

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