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Fried drumsticks, wings, breast and thighs are so old school. Have a whiff of a whole fried chicken! Juicy, tender and with the beauty of being boneless all except the wings it is a sure fire winner for any meal.

I personally do not like eating fried chicken with a load of weird bones poking in and out, I love the ease and comfort of a chicken tender but chicken tenders are usually quite dry and rough. This is the perfect compromise if you are looking for a crispy, boneless piece of juicy KRISPEE fried chicken.

Here I show you how to instantly remove all the bones from a whole chicken leaving you with what is basically a large chicken tender. Paired with a sweet, savory and slightly spicy Korean inspired sauce it is something that will leave you licking your fingers and going back in for more KRISPEE goodness.


  1. 1 Whole Chicken

  2. 1tb Garlic Powder

  3. 2tb Plain Flour

  4. 1/2ts Gochujang

  5. 1ts Honey

  6. 1/2ts Light Soy Sauce

  7. 1ts Sesame Seed Oil

  8. 1tb of Light Soy Sauce


  1. Get your whole chicken out on a large chopping board and sharpen your knife. You will need a very sharp knife for this, or get your friendly butcher to debone the chicken for you.

  2. Refer to the diagram below to help you remove all the bones except the wings from your lovely chicken. Bewarned it is gonna get a bit messy.

  3. Marvel at your lovely work and consider becoming a butcher. Considering that you now should have a perfectly deboned piece of chicken.

  4. Place the chicken skin side down and set the bones aside (Perfect for boiling broths so don't throw them away).

  5. Generously season the chicken with salt and pepper then flip the chicken skin side up and season once again.

  6. Generously sprinkle garlic powder over the skin along with about 2tb of plain flour. This helps dry out the skin giving you the lovely crispy skin we all love.

  7. Heat up a pan or skillet on high heat with some oil.

  8. Once the pan is hot, gently place your chicken skin side down. Be careful it will SPLATTER.

  9. Using another pan or spatula or something flat press the chicken down so that it gets a even browning and go crispy all around.

  10. Lower the heat to medium and continue pressing down for 5-8 minutes till lovely golden brown. Flip over and continue to press and cook for another 8 minutes till completely cooked through.

  11. Turn off the heat and let it rest for at least 5 minutes.

  12. Prepare a simple glaze by combining 1/2ts of gochujang, 1ts of honey, 1/2ts of light soy sauce and 1ts of sesame seed oil.

  13. Plate up your crispy golden brown chicken and generously brush your chicken with your sweet and sticky glaze.

Extra: Top it off with some chopped scallions and sesame seed for that extra flare if you wanna impress some peeps.

Happy Cooking

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