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Sausage Bun

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These were a child hood favorite of mine. Eating these soft fluffy buns with this little salty piece of meat hiding in the center. I used to eat all the bun and leave the best for last. I miss eating these little guys so I am here today to share this recipe with you all. 

This sausage bun is a classic breakfast or snack. You have the soft pillowy buns with a tasty piece of sausage right down the center. Kids will love these little guys. 

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Get Ready for Soft Fluffy Buns


In a bowl add in 3 cups of all purpose flour, a 1/3 cup of sugar, 2ts of salt and 7g of dry active yeast. Give it a good mix together. 


Add in 1.5 cups of room temperature milk and 1 egg. 



3 Cups of Flour (All Purpose)


1.5 Cups of Milk


1/3 Cup of White Sugar


2ts Salt


7g Dry Active Yeast


2 Eggs


10 Sausages/Hotdogs


Sesame Seeds (optional)


Mix till a shaggy dough forms. Then turn it out into a floured work surface and knead (Get that arm workout in for the day). Continue to knead till when you press into the dough it bounces back. Should take about 10 minutes. 


Place it back into the bowl and cover with cling wrap. Let it proof in a warm place for an hour or till doubled in size.



While the dough is proofing in a pan on medium heat gently fry your sausages till they are cooked and got some nice colour on them. Set aside to cool. 


PUNCH all the air out and turn it onto a floured work surface. 


Divide the dough into 10 even pieces. 


Taking 1 piece of dough, covering the rest with cling wrap so they don't dry out. You want to slowly roll and stretch it till you get a long log about 12Inches in length with the center fatter than the ends. 


Starting at the tip of the sausage begin to wrap your dough around the sausage by pulling and stretching the dough in a spiral fashion and tucking the ends underneath. You should be able to form 3 distinguishable spiral sections in your bun. Place it onto a piece of baking paper. REFER TO THE DIAGRAM BELOW IF YOU ARE LOST. 

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Repeat with the remaining sausages, making sure to place them at least 4 inches apart. 


Cover with cling wrap and let it proof for another hour. 


Preheat your oven to 180°C.


Beat up 1 egg and gently brunch over your buns. This gives it the nice golden brown shiny finish and prevents them from drying out while they cook. 


Sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top. This makes the bun look good and tastes even better. 


Place the buns into the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes the the buns rise and take on a lovely golden brown. 


Prepare a sugar solution of 1tb of sugar and 1/4 cup of water. Using a brush gently brush over the buns to give it that classic shiny look that makes it irresistible. 

Now go have fun eating these lovely soft buns. 

Happy Cooking,

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